Dr. David Wilkie & Dr. Heather Dagenais 

About Us

Dr. David Wilkie graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1978 to practice in rural Manitoba.  For 15 years, he provided extensive treatment to his patients who lacked convenient access to the dental specialties.  After a year abroad practicing in Australia, Dr. Wilkie moved with his wife Liz and three young children to the Lower Mainland where he has assembled a loyal patient base over the past 25 years.  Dr. Wilkie was delighted to learn his daughter Dr. Heather Dagenais would follow in his footsteps and continues to enjoy their ongoing collaboration.

Dr. Heather Dagenais "cut her teeth" as an engineer before entering the field of dentistry.  She attended the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry, internationally renowned for its innovation and research.  After graduation Dr. Dagenais practiced for two years as an associate in Mississauga before moving to South Surrey to practice alongside her father.  Heather has a young and growing family and is extremely proud to serve the patients of the community in which she grew up.